Mission Statement and Policies

Mission Statement

The University of Zurich pursues excellence in research and teaching, and delivers services to the general public. UZH's Mission Statement defines the identity, goals, and role of the University in academia and society.
Mission Statement of the University

Strategic Goals

Together with the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, the University of Zurich contributes significantly to the cultural, social, and economic development of the Canton of Zurich. At the same time, the legal and economic responsibility for the University lies with the Canton of Zurich, the University's biggest financial backer. UZH's strategic goals are formulated to coordinate the diverging interests.
Strategic Goals
Strategy Process

Quality Development

The University of Zurich strives to uphold the highest quality in all its activities. Leadership processes, evaluation processes and the quality management processes for teaching and learning have been systematically integrated with each other.
Quality Development at UZH


The University of Zurich realizes its responsibility and discloses information about third-party funded projects, endowed professorships and outside professional activities and interests of its professors to the public.
Third-Party Funded Projects
Endowed Professorships
Outside Professional Activities and Interests (on the website of the Professorships Department)

Internationalization Strategy

The University of Zurich is a part of a dynamic network of internationally renowned research and education institutions. UZH’s internationalization strategy for the years 2014?2020 sets goals for a continued global presence and international exchange in research and education.
Website International Relations Office: Internationalization strategy

Leadership and Management Principles

The Leadership and Management Principles have been developed on the basis of UZH’s mission statement and strategic goals to achieve a common understanding of leading at the UZH. They are aimed at all members of UZH’s academic or administrative staff who hold a leadership position or management function.
Leadership and Management Principles

Diversity Policy: Promoting, Practicing, and Benefiting from Diversity

The University of Zurich is committed to the active and systematic promotion of diversity and prevention of discrimination and embraces diversity as a core value. UZH supports diversity-friendly and inclusive research, teaching, studies, academic self-organization, and administration.
Diversity Policy of the University of Zurich

Gender Policy Code of Conduct

The University of Zurich is strongly committed to values and policies supporting equal opportunities for women and men. On 20 March 2006, the Executive Board of the University resolved to enforce the Gender Policy Code of Conduct.
Gender Policy Code of Conduct

Disablility Statement

The University of Zurich is committed to the principle of equality of opportunity for all staff and students, including those with disabilities.
Website Disability Office
Disability Statement (PDF, 230 KB)  

House Regulations

The house regulations apply in all buildings and throughout the grounds of the University of Zurich, and all users of these buildings (students, employees, visitors, external service providers, etc.) must abide by the rules contained therein. They contain the ground rules that enable all UZH staff, students, and other users to coexist in a safe, sustainable, fit-for-purpose, and socially acceptable way.
House Regulations


The University of Zurich is committed to systematically expanding its contribution to local and global sustainability.